Thursday, May 13, 2021

NRMjobs Quiz answers 13-May-2021

This week’s theme: ‘Hills’

(1) What is the highest mountain in Victoria?

Answer: Mount Bogong.

(2) Which multi-national corporation originally took its name from the NSW city of Broken Hill?

Answer: BHP.

(3) All of Western Australia’s 20 highest peaks are in what mountain range? (bonus: What is the highest peak in WA?)

Answer: Hammersley Range (bonus: Mount Meharry).

(4) What iconic Australian product was first manufactured by Lance Hill in an Adelaide backyard in 1945?

Answer: Hills Hoist.

(5) Blue Hills ran from February 1949 until September 1976. What was it?

Answer: ABC Radio serial.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

NRMjobs Quiz answers 6-May-2021

This week’s theme: ‘Glow’

(1) What word means the biochemical emission of light by living organisms?

Answer: Bioluminescence.

(2) In October 2020 scientists made the surprise discovery that platypuses glow green under ultraviolet light. Where was the discovery made?

Answer: United States (from specimens in the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois and the University of Nebraska State Museum).

(3) The insect genus Arachnocampa, endemic to Australia and New Zealand, consists of nine species of fungus gnats. What are their larvae commonly known as?

Answer: Glow worms.

(4) The Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) are visible from which four countries? (one point each).

Answer: Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina.

(5) Omphalotus nidiformis, a white, gilled mushroom species found in southern Australia, is famous for glowing in the night. What is its common name?

Answer: Ghost fungus.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

NRMjobs Quiz answers 29-April-2021

This week’s theme: ‘Pea’

(1) What is the common name of the twining, ground-hugging pea Kennedia prostrata?

Answer: Running postman.

(2) What is the distinctive, glossy black bulge at the centre of a Sturt desert pea petal called? (bonus: How many petals does a Sturt desert pea flower have?).

Answer: Boss (four petals).

(3) Which of the following is not a common name for Hardenbergia violacea? (a) Happy wanderer (b) False sarsaparilla (c) Purple coral pea (d) Native violet (e) Lilac vine.

Answer: (d) Native violet.

(4) Complete this Australian phrase: “Jumping up and down like the pea in a … …”

Answer: Referee’s whistle.

(5) What is the binomial name of the endangered, South East Australian plant known commonly as the Small purple pea or Mountain Swainson pea?

Answer: Swainsona recta.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

NRMjobs Quiz answers 22-April-2021

This week’s theme: ‘Quail’

(1) Which of the following is not an Australian native species: (a) Brown quail (Coturnix ypsilophora) (b) Gambel’s quail (Callipepla gambelii) (c) King quail (Coturnix chinensis victoriae) (d) Stubble quail (Coturnix pectoralis).

Answer: (b) Gambel’s quail (native to California).

(2) What is the collective noun for a group of quails?

Answer: Bevy (‘covey’ or ‘quail’ also accepted).

(3) What does it mean “to quail”?

Answer: To be very afraid, to the point of trembling.

(4) Dan Quayle was Vice President to which US President?

Answer: George HW Bush.

(5) What is a baby quail called?

Answer: A chick.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

NRMjobs Quiz answers 15-Apr-2021

This week’s theme: ‘Rings’

(1) What is the science of dating past events by studying annual growth rings in trees?

Answer: Dendrochronology.

(2) What is the nest of a ringtail possum called? (bonus: where does the word originate?).

Answer: Drey. (bonus: English term for a squirrel’s nest).

(3) Platycercus elegans and Platycercus eximius were once regarded by biologists as the two ends of a classic ring species, circling the arid inland (DNA studies have since disproved this theory). What are their common names?

Answer: Crimson rosella and Eastern rosella.

CORRECTION: The quiz master withdraws the above question (3), with apologies. The answer is still ‘rosella’, but it turns out the whole ring species thing with rosellas is far more complicated, and the question is fatally flawed and incorrect.

(4) The age of a bony fish can be determined by examining the annual rings laid down in what bone-like structure in its head?

Answer: Otolith.

(5) What is an elastrator?

Answer: A device used to apply rubber rings to castrate livestock (or for docking tails etc.).

Thursday, April 8, 2021

NRMjobs Quiz answers 8-Apr-2021

This week’s theme: ‘Legs’

(1) Including the pincers, how many legs does a yabby have?

Answer: 10.

(2) The word ‘centipede’ means 100 legs, and individuals can have between 30 to 354 legs, depending on the species. But do any centipedes have exactly 100 legs?

Answer: No (centipedes always have an odd number of pairs of legs).

(3) The macropod species Thylogale stigmatica is commonly called the Red-legged …?

Answer: Pademelon.

(4) What is the difference between a tetrapod and a quadruped?

Answer: A tetrapod is any species descended from a four-limbed (Tetrapoda) ancestor, while a quadruped is any species which uses four limbs for locomotion.

(5) What kind of creature can have up 750 legs – more than any other known animal?

Answer: Millipede (Illacme plenipes, native to California).

Thursday, April 1, 2021

NRMjobs Quiz answers 1-Apr-2021

This week’s theme: ‘April foolery’

(1) On 1 April, 1957 the BBC’s Panorama program broadcast a now-famous ‘documentary’ featuring the harvest of what tree fruit?

Answer: Spaghetti.

(2) On 1 April, 1975 what memorable prank involved the ABC TV program This Day Tonight, the Adelaide Town Hall and SA Deputy Premier Des Corcoran?

Answer: Announcement that Australia was converting to ‘metric time’.

(3) On 1 April, 1978 what prank did Australian businessman Dick Smith play on the city of Sydney?

Answer: Towed a fake iceberg into Sydney Harbour. 

(4) On 1 April, 2003, the Sydney Morning Herald published a review of a new restaurant, called Species, which supposedly featured what on its menu?

Answer: Endangered species.

(5) On 1 April, 2013 South Australia’s Monarto Zoo announced the birth of what strange animal?

Answer: A zebracorn (zebra with a unicorn horn).

Thursday, March 25, 2021

NRMjobs Quiz answers 25-Mar-2021

This week’s theme: ‘Auto-’

(1) What is an automaton?

Answer: A self-operating machine.

(2) What is autotomy?

Answer: Casting off a body part when under threat (eg lizard’s tail).

(3) What is an autotroph?

Answer: A ‘primary producer’ organism - which can produce its own food using light (usually), water, carbon dioxide, or other chemicals.

(4) What does someone who supports autogeny believe?

Answer: That living organisms can be created from non-living matter.

(5) What is a word meaning to eat or otherwise consume one’s own body?

Answer: Autophagy.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

NRMjobs Quiz answers 18-Mar-2021

This week’s theme: ‘Budgies’

(1) What are budgerigars called in the US?

Answer: Parakeets.

(2) What UK celebrity wrote the children’s books series featuring ‘Budgie the Little Helicopter’?

Answer: Sarah Ferguson.

(3) Which one of the following did not have pet budgerigars? (a) Joseph Stalin (b) Adolph Hitler (c) Winston Churchill (d) John F Kennedy.

Answer: (b) Adolph Hitler.

(4) What Guinness World Record is still held by Puck, a male budgerigar which died in California in 1994?

Answer: Largest vocabulary of any bird (1,728 words).

(5) Best known for his 1970s hit ‘The Newcastle Song’, which Australian singer, broadcaster and archaeologist also recorded the comic song ‘Jonathon Livingston Budgerigar’

Answer: Dr Bob Hudson.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

NRMjobs Quiz answers 11-Mar-2021

This week’s theme: ‘Worms’

(1) The world’s largest earthworm, Megascolides australis (aka karmai) can reportedly grow up to three metres long. Where in Australia would you find it?

Answer: Gippsland, Victoria.

(2) Who spent 40 years studying the role of earthworms in soil formation, and published his findings in a book titled The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms?

Answer: Charles Darwin.

(3) Where would you find the giant, fictional worm known reverentially as Shai-Hulud?

Answer: On the planet Arrakis (aka Dune).

(4) Hypolimnus pedderensis was the first species of earthworm recorded to have been sent extinct by human activities. Where did it live?

Answer: Lake Pedder, Tasmania.

(5) What is the missing word in William Blake’s famous short poem: “O Rose thou art sick / The … worm / That flies in the night / In the howling storm / Has found out thy bed / Of crimson joy / And his dark secret love / Does thy life destroy.”

Answer: Invisible.